What Causes Our Stress

“One of my problems is that I internalize everything. I can’t express anger: I grow a tumor.” - Woody Allen

• Believing that you have failed at something
• Job insecurities
• Poor time management skills; trying to tackle too much
• Never saying “no”
• Believing you have limited alternatives or that you
have lost control of a situation

Tools for Stress-Reduction

“For fast-acting relief try slowing down.” -Lily Tomlin

• Good planning
• Quiet time
• Easing of self-imposed standards
• Association with positive people
• Limiting caffeine intake
• Learning to say “no” to projects you don’t have time for exercising
• Avoiding procrastination
• Concentrating on positive actions
• Getting up and stretching periodically
• Getting enough sleep
• Relaxation

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