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Coaching and Influence - The issue of coaching and influence in the business world today is no greater than it has ever been. However, the illusion of power that many of the top executives perceive in themselves is continuing to contribute a great deal to the instability of the economy. It is part of the malaise of business that has been heightened with the post-Enron era and is continuing to be in the spotlight almost daily. Why should we be interested in this? Why should our scepter of influence have an affect on our business relationships? How are we dealing with this phenomenon within our own companies and what is the external perception of the company’s use of influence?

Business Survival - Business survival is not a function of size; it is a function of strategy. The United States Government classifies all business that has sales of $500 million as being a “small” business. Whether your business is large or small, the steps to long-term survival remain the same.

Service Outsourcing- The rise of inefficiencies that prevail in many business send many business owners on a quest to outsource product manufacturing or specific service requirements. When confronted with the opportunity to outsource, many opt not to pursue this direction because there is a feeling of loss of control. Used correctly, the ability to use outsourcing can improve operational performance and individual job quality no matter whether the outsourced activity provided is product or services. What has made this approach popular with some companies and avoided by others?

Coaching CEO's- The world today moves in opposite directions more often than we want to admit. The case in point can be viewed by examining CEO’s at all size businesses. Currently under siege in the world, CEO’s have taken steps to draw lines in the sand for shareholders, employees, and themselves. The complicating fact that some of these lines can be seen and others can’t draws a huge distinction between the ethical responsibilities of the CEO.

Coaching Decision Making - Every organization has some degree of sales and managerial hedging. It is the mental process, knowingly or otherwise, of holding back vital information or funds in reserve for increased probability of producing a successful objective.

Defining Cross-Cultural Literacy Landscapes - Our abilities as individuals and as a culture depend on our understanding of a continual growth toward literate thought and recognition of it in societal norms. It requires an understanding of cultural and literacy landscapes based on example and acquired knowledge from several areas in order to gain a global perspective. It is one of the hard realities of businesses that focus leadership efforts on the numbers of the business and cause them to overlook other areas, or literacies, that will advance the organization beyond average performance toward exceptional growth. Effective leadership, by recognizing cultural and social norms, can provide a valid organizational road map to follow, but only by recognizing the input of the organization as a whole.

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