The D'Artagnan Way: Seven Principles to Inspire Leadership

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Every company and organization needs a team of committed, passionate, and inspired players if they are going to thrive in future years. Motivating employees to embrace this commitment is a keystone for achieving success.

The D'Artagnan Way is designed to show business leaders how to create and sustain inspired individuals and teams dedicated to unselfish collaboration and to causes greater than self-interests. Using a fictional story to illustrate the seven principles of The D'Artagnan Way, authors Meier and Bauman outline a strategy for putting aside self-interest and committing to self-sacrifice and team work for a larger cause - a greater mission based on passionate commitment to team goals.


Commit to a Shared Dream Create Strategic Alliances Respect Each Other's Differences Choose to Trust Do the Right Thing Celebrate Success Inspired workers (and leaders) can achieve greatness.

The D'Artagnan Way offers insight into generating this inspiration in any team situation.

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