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53 Life and Leadership Lessons draws on everyday personal and business experiences that make a difference in working relationships.  Whether the context is for life coaching or business coaching, these lessons fit many of life’s occurrences and offer a new, balanced perspective with viable applications and quotes to use over and over again.  You will enjoy the inspiring way this e-Book is written and will have many ways to put in to use in your life and your business.

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The Hedge: Who's Playing the Game

This e-Book explores the topic of hidden sales opportunities within every organization. This new business dynamic launches the reader into a myriad of constructive questions posed to help senior level executives as well as mid-level managers understand why hedging is a normal phenomena within every organization and what actions can be implemented to limit the potential damage it evokes.

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Horace: My First Coach
An excerpt:  "I still go back and visit his grave from time to time whenever I'm in Dallas. I can hear him laugh and see the twinkle in his eyes when I tell him about life and the strange sequence of events that have led me to my own business and write about experiences that have shaped my career. I know he would take a particular pride in watching me continue to grow and pass on many of the things that I learned from him to others learning to make their way in the world today. As emotionally charged as it is to write about my relationship with Horace, it is equally important to tell this story so it will not be forgotten."

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The D'Artagnan Way: Seven Principles to Inspire Leadership

Every company and organization needs a team of committed, passionate, and inspired players if they are going to thrive in future years. Motivating and coaching employees to embrace this commitment is a keystone for achieving success.

The D'Artagnan Way is designed to show business leaders how to create and sustain inspired individuals and teams dedicated to unselfish collaboration and to causes greater than self-interests. Using a fictional story to illustrate the seven principles of The D'Artagnan Way, authors Meier and Bauman outline a strategy for putting aside self-interest and committing to self-sacrifice and team work for a larger cause - a greater mission based on passionate commitment to team goals.

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Counting Your Wins - An exciting collection of strategies, tips and advice exploring all the elements of sales management. With humor, hard evidence, and common sense. Counting Your Wins will give you countless ideas to consider and use in professional and personal coaching situations.

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