Blog Blazers, by Stephanie Grenier. Interviews of 40 A-List bloggers in which they discuss how they built high profile, high traffic, and high profit blogs.

Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. Forrester researchers describe the sub-markets within social media and how businesses can reach and influence them.

Marketing to the Social Web, by Larry Weber/ high altitude, conceptual view of social media; particularly helpful for large companies seeking an integrated social media marketing program.

The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson. Explains why niche marketing works to magnificently on the Web.

The Cluetrain Manifesto, by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger. The philosophical underpinnings of the social web. Revels why marketing thought leaders and the public have embraced conversational, transparent communication over traditional, one-way corporate-speak.

The New Influencers, by Paul Gilin. A traditional media veteran explains why traditional methods of marketing and PR are no longer effective, and why new media is.

Source: Go to this blog Word Sell, Inc. for more great information on Blogging, Sources and Information. Brad Shorr has a wealth of knowledge to share in this social media arena.

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