Coaching Acceptance

Everyone wants to be accepted. No matter if it is with friend, family, co-workers, or new acquaintances that happen into our lives, the idea of not being accepted, i.e. rejection is not very appealing. When we accept something, how do we feel? What other emotions start to come into the picture for you? The situation dictates the range of emotions that we feel when acceptance is occurring.

Can you remember the first time you felt this way? It was probably as a child on a playground. You were picked to be part of a team or asked to jump rope with the other kids. You were accepted by someone for who you were or what you could provide to the better good of the group.

Acceptance is about achievement, feeling happy about the success, the happiness, or the surprise that you were selected for something either totally unexpected or chosen because you could excel in a particular area. You have won approval by someone or from a group. It is part of human nature to want to be accepted.

Acceptance often calls for change on the part of the individual. Conversely, if someone is not accepted, and they want to be, certain aspects of their behavior will have to be adapted to the social norms that are requiring adaptation for acceptance. Acceptance is an emotion that uses other emotions as a pathway. Which ones have you chosen to use?

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