Lane Confusion

Coming home from the airport on Wednesday night I had a small fender-bender. It is mostly the inconvenience of the accident that I detest most, but more than that, I really dislike circumstances that cause confusion. It seems that I could recall exactly the events that caused the accident, but the other person couldn't.

We waited for the police for over an hour and finally the nice guy from HELP came by. He said we could fill out the accident reports and file them ourselves. We did. My recollection of the events were very different from the other party. We'll let the insurance companies fight it out. Rates will go up anyway.

How can confusion be an emotion? You can say that you feel confused, but you can also say that you are confused.

Maybe confusion is both a state of mind, and an emotion, because in a way confusion is an error when your mind does not see clearly where it is or what it feels. This completely describes the other driver in my mind.

Today I called the insurance company. I'll get the car fixed next week and my confusion will go away. However, I'm sure the other driver will remain confused even after their car is fixed.

At the end of the day, every life gets a few dents. If they are minimized, the confusion remains negligible.

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