Don't Subscribe to a Down Economy

This recession has been brewing for years and the talk in every conversation today is about how the "bad economy" is affecting you. I'm not participating. Why not you may ask? Because the media continues to grip our imaginations and before you know it, your attitude and your business is mirroring the terrible predictions making much of the outcome a foregone conclusion.

I've resisted jumping into the fray so far. I do not want to be perceived as the Chicken Little of Consulting and Coaching because I refuse to believe that the sky is falling everywhere. I know that there are people that are in pretty bad shape, but I refuse to take a continually pessimistic attitude that you can hear day after day listening to the financial channels. Those that sit in fromt of their HDTV's and listen to the dribble are more likely to slit their wrists than keep a healthy attitude that things will get better. Everything is cyclical and we are surely on one side of the circle and headed for the other.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your organization. Invest in your family and give back where you can. Stop trying to swim upstream against the usual currents. It will only lead to your frustration and those around you. No matter how bad the media tells you things are going to get, look for opportunities to keep on living. So as for this recession, I may be in the mist of it, but I refuse to participate. I hope you will do the same.

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