Dealing With Fear

Recently I've watched media commentators drone on about the economy instilling what I perceive to be fear in their audience. There is no question that things have gotten pretty ugly out there with 401K's and stock portfolios dropping by 40-50%, real estate values dropping below acceptable refinance levels, and the dollars being committed by Washington with little chance that we will see it repaid in my lifetime, perhaps even our children's lifetime.

When Roosevelt said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself", he clearly had his eye on an enemy that was immediately tangible and one that could be battled. It is increasingly difficult to get our arms around the daily "fear factor" that is being hyped up beyond all measure, so much so in fact many have simply given up and now believe it is acceptable to be defeated given their particular circumstances.

Fear can be measured in various degrees as an emotion; fear of bodily harm, fear of loss of control, fear of losing something precious.

I accept it as now part of the daily routine. When things go wrong, as they often do, one can't simply give up the fight. We can call on a variety of things to inspire and move us away from fear; patriotism, moral values, family, friends, all can have a profound impact on dealing with an emotion that that is now pervasive within our culture. This isn't Kansas, Toto.

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