Being Happy

Do you ever wonder where all the happiness in the world has gone? Far be it from me to say that we should live in a Leave-It-To-Beaver world, but it seems that every where I go, people are just plain mad.

They are mad about their finances, they are upset with their job, they hate their commute, they have their customers, they are having problems with the kids.....where does it stop? Well, unfortunately it doesn't until we have used up our time here on Earth.

So why not make the best of it while we are here? Everybody has problems and it you look around, somebody close by has it a lot worse than you. Too many of us look at our glass as half empty as opposed to half full.

Being happy comes from within. It comes from having a set of choices about decision and situations. The more choices we have, the happier we feel.

It would be nice to take a happy pill every morning with the other assortments of vitamins, but unfortunately one hasn't been developed yet. Maybe in time the mood of the population will swing back to a happier time. As for me, I'm ready to start the journey today.

"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves."

--Helen Keller

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