When Patience Wains

Emotional diligence. It is a learned trait in my mind. Children are great teachers of this emotion. Parents learn patience quickly or simply self-destruct.

Good leaders show patience even when the odds are stacked against them or the situation is stressful. Good managers learn patience with their employees or explode in the tension of the moment.

When we aren't patient, we become impatient which changes our perception of how the world should be, primarily to accommodate our own wants and needs.

Our patience shows that we have an understanding of what is happening, what is being learned at that moment, and how it will reflect toward a greater good.

We learn best through experience which sometimes includes failure. Having the patience to know the outcome and letting the outcome take it's course shows maturity and wisdom.

I try to work on this emotion a little bit every day.

“Exercise patience with others. In times of stress, our impatience surfaces. We may say things we don’t really mean or intend to say all out of proportion to reality. Or we may become sullen, communicating through emotion and attitude, rather than words, eloquent messages of criticism, judgment and rejection. We then harvest hurt feelings and strained relationships. Patience is the practical expression of faith, hope, wisdom and love. It is a very active emotion. It is not indifference, sullen endurance or resignation. Patience is emotional diligence.”

- Stephen R. Covey

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