Nostalgia: Wishing For the Way Things Were

It seems of late that the world is speeding up and the wish for having things go back to the way they were comes around more often than not.

Watching an interview with Barbra Streisand on 60 Minutes on Sunday, also the artist that sang The Way We Were, she was asked if she had any regrets. I found her answer interesting. Her regrets focused on missed opportunities, things passed over or not accepted.

Nostalgia isn't always about missed opportunities, but it brings to mind the idea of acceptance of happier times in our lives. Why is it that we can't be happy with our lives today and have to daydream about our past that made us feel warm, cozy and safe? Is it regrets for missed opportunities? Or is it just the feeling of being unsettled in our present situation?

If we live in the past, we will never be happy with the present and the future will always look foreboding. But I have to admit, when the song Hooked On A Feeling by B.J. Thomas comes on the radio, the call to return to happier times never seems stronger.

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