Rage: An Emotion of Violence

The news has been filled with the death of yet another kid in Chicago that was brutally beaten by other kids while he was apparently trying to walk home from school. This has been a common occurrence over the last few years; the danger to kids simply trying to get back and forth to school. Now the rage is growing and maybe something will be done about it.

The federal government has sent top level officials to sort out the situation. It has taken this brutal beating to open the eyes of those that to this point have simply chosen to ignore the issues these kids and their families are facing every day.

Rage can be recognized as screaming, physical expressions of anger, violence or threats of violence, sulking, manipulation, emotional blackmail, silent smoldering, and anger used to punish. It's the news media that tends to show the physical side of rage when reporting, primarily violence captured on cell phone cameras, as in this case, or other physical expression of anger.

Healthy anger is not used to punish, is not violent, and isn't used to intimidate, control or manipulate. It is expressed, discussed, and moved through.

It is sad that rage sometimes has to be the catalyst for acknowledgment of a situation gone bad. Let's hope that our rage can turn into a positive outcome for those facing the daily fear and violence in Chicago.

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