Panic: Emotion Driven

The idea of being panic-stricken can be seen every night on the news. I'm referring to the people acting in concert when they are caught up in an event that provides them no control and they have no way to deal with it except exhibit panic. I am not referring to an anxiety attack, although many people feel panic when the fly or ascend tall building, or are closed in small spaces such as an elevator. I'm talking about panic that happens by replacing sensibility with fear. It can be seen in animals as well when the stampede. People do it when someone yells "Fire!" in a crowded theatre.

This emotion is a tough one to deal with in that it comes on quickly and the person experiencing the panic reacts quickly, usually searching out some safe place to hide or get away from the circumstance that is the catalyst.

You don't see this emotion in business often unless the stock market is crashing and a few choice people decide to take the plunge as a remedy for large losses incurred. It occurs as more of a slow burn in business until the remedy is no longer simple and able to executed easily. It provides a chaos that few want to deal with and most avoid simply by not acknowledging the issue that is producing panic within the company masses. A good example of this is pending employee layoffs or job reduction. It happens quickly and causes tremendous panic and angst for those being let go or down-sized.

Panic cannot be managed as evidenced by those knuckleheads in Pamplona, Spain running with the bulls. Now that my friends, is shear panic at its best.

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