Anger Management

I recently had a client that had an employee suggest he take an anger management class. Needless to say, this further infuriated him. But to his credit, he cooled off before speaking with the employee and was able to work things out so that both he and the employee felt some better about the situation. It really all boiled down to understanding expectations from both the employee and the employer point of view.

Anger is an emotion that can manifest itself quickly or as a slow burn. I experience it about every six months when I have to get lab work done for my cholesterol screening. Invariably, I'm early for the appointment and without saying I'm always the last taken.

I've tried to out smart their system, (system, now that's funny) but it varies every time I'm in their office. Policies change regularly and process changes with the wind. It shows those of us who require a good understanding of process just how poorly the healthcare system is being run.

Anger can be controlled, but it takes practice and the willingness to verbalize what it is that is getting under your skin. It is a mismanaged behavior that has manifested itself in the form of emotional energy.

Recognizing anger and channeling it in the right direction will allow the anger to dissipate and become a positive force rather than the negative that seems inherent with this emotion.

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