Showing Affection For Others

Affection is an emotion that is associated with kindness, caring and love. There are many behaviors are used by people to express affection. Affectionate behavior theoretically evolved from parental nurturing behavior. Affectionate behaviors exhibit obvious signs of simply liking a person and enjoying the company they provide.

This emotion is exhibited everyday by my two dogs, Thelma and Louise. These miniature schnauzers have been constant companions for twelve years. They need that affectionate touch daily because without it, they become emotionally detached from the family. No matter how mad I get at them for something, they return their affection ten fold and remain constant in their affection for me.

I once worked with a guy that had a difficult childhood. When asked why he tended to act abruptly and with little consideration for others, he responded that he had been emotionally traumatized by the lack of affection shown to him when he was a small child. Even if this was the case, affection can be given at different levels of intensity. For instance, affection can simply be tenderness for a scraped knee or bruised ego. Alternatively, it can also be experienced when two people in love simply sit quietly and enjoy the silence of being with one another.

Affection can be generated by seeing familiar and recognizable values held by others that exhibit similar value structures seen in their actions, speech and deeds. The work place doesn’t use the term affection much anymore because of the connotation and tendencies that lean toward sexual harassment. In spite of the legal boundaries, co-workers often exhibit care and concern for others that they work with daily.

This emotion is often misunderstood in the delivery, but well understood emotionally. Those that have harnessed the ability to show affection provide constant reminders of how little affection is exhibited in the world we live in and what a better world it would be if there was more of this emotion spread around.

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