Annoyance Becomes Institutionalized

Annoyance is a cognitive state that presents things that are considered annoying to the individual. There are many occurrences that can start this emotion, we encounter many every day from the daily commute to junk email.

It may be happening to you right now without you even knowing about it. You are being annoyed by a large institution that is carrying your credit cards. Did you know that some of these companies are going to start charging you for the privilege of having a credit card with them. Now this in and of itself is not new, but charging you for not carrying a balance is new.

So the annoyance is now complete. If you have a credit card and choose not to carry a balance on it, you can now be charged for not carrying a balance on the account. Interestingly enough, your credit is built on long-term agreements with companies where you amass a balance and then pay it off which in turns creates upward movement in your credit scores. Now your score will be reduced because you will be forced to closed all these accounts on which you carry no balances. Now if that isn't an annoyance, you can't find one.

I recently got a large increase in my cable bill and had no understanding why it had gone up. I called and complained and guess what, they didn't know why the bill had increased. They reduced my bill and gave me an additional credit on the monthly internet fee. Good customer service won out here, but what an annoyance to have to deal with a simple cable bill.

The world is full of things that create annoyance. Business should work everyday not to institutionalize this emotion that the world seems to create without even trying. The key is not to let it get you down. Take it in stride and learn to beat these guys at their own game.

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