Jealousy, Rivalry, and Ego

It seems that corporate jealousy has exploded over the last few years. The internal egos that have to be messaged hardly ever take a back seat to the personal interests of some. It appears when talking with mid-level managers that are still trying to climb the ladder to gain a better foothold on their jobs and their careers.

We've seen it happen at the CEO level as well in the past. Though not as prevalent today as in years past, the C-Suite executives take obvious pains to keep their ego's in check which many times results in decisions being delayed and analysis paralysis taking on a whole new aspect within the corporation.

Individual jealousy is fraught with problems and can manifest itself in violence if left to run its course without conversation or insights. Egos feed on jealousy and rivalry through competition and obsession to have to win no matter the cost.

As I get older, I hear others say "if only I was that age again" or "if only I had done" this or that. They are jealous of times gone by and lost opportunities. It causes a sadness that is unmistakable and it feeds from jealous thoughts and actions corrupting the things are good in our lives.

Keep jealousy at bay. Limit your rivalries and check your ego at the door. Your life will be so much happier and more fulfilled.

"Jealousy is the jaundice of the soul."

--John Dryden,British poet and playwright

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