The Art of Giving Back

"Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community."

--Andrew Carnegie,Scottish-American industrialist, entrepreneur and philanthropist

We see it every night on the news, those that are doing something above and beyond to help others with their gifts of time, experience, or monetary help. It really takes very little except the wish to make things better in some way for those that happen to be less fortunate than you.

The question that always seems the hardest is "what can I do that is not already being done?" Maybe it the a simple donation to someone that hasn't asked. Perhaps the need is larger than anticipated and someone has started a program that needs volunteer hours, are you the one that can provide them? Maybe is as simple as reading to seniors in assisted living situations that no longer have a friend to sit and talk with. The choices are endless, the effect grand, and the personal fulfillment huge.

Feed the poor, befriend the homeless, send shoes or soccer balls overseas to those that have none, work with those that have served our country, or those that have have some need not yet identified by others. Look around, the opportunity is all around you. But choose wisely, because your efforts may become a part of your legacy. Commit to make a difference by giving back where others have simply overlooked the opportunity to create positive change.

Create hope for others. You will find that you will receive far more from you efforts than those that you are helping.

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