Why Worry?

Do you remember when you would hear people say “no worries”? Frankly, I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say that. The reason is everyone has worries these days. Even those that exhibit resilience keep those little nagging unpleasantries hidden in the back of their brains. As we are bombarded with the daily activities that are creating sensational economic headlines that actually impact our lives, the people that exhibit the quality of resilience are the ones that fair best. The worry isn’t as prolonged and does not impact as deeply.

Worry, like stress, can be controlled. Daily exercise, for example, helps along with active planning of daily activities. When we dwell on issues that affect us, some within our control, and many that are not, we feel better when we minimize the concerns by having contingencies in place that provide us decisional alternatives to situations. Without the alternatives, we can feel overwhelmed and unable to see rise above the daily muck that clutters daily living.

Expand your interests by spending time on a new hobby, or reading a good book. When our minds are engaged, the worries seem to be less and we tend to focus our energies on more productive tasks, other than worry. Worry doesn’t have to be the order of the day. Talk to others about your concerns. You will find commonality of purpose and feel better by understanding there is more than enough worry to go around. If you aren’t doing it, you can be sure that someone else will be. Let them take some of you worry burden.

To paraphrase James Russell Lowell, the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come.

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