Sympathy and Moral Responsibility

Moral responsibility is not just a matter of avoiding harm to others; it also means helping others in need.

- Michael Nedelsky, American educator

Sympathy signals loss and it appears at times when we feel incredible empathy for others. They may be going through the loss of a loved one, the loss of something special like a home, or any number of a long list of situations that require additional time to ponder about what may have or could have been.

Recently, the weather is causing me to have sympathy for those that are experiencing the horrific storms that seem to be weekly occurrences now. All of us should ask what we can do to help. It may be something as small as an on-line donation, or something a significant as time giving to those that are in need. It may simply be a telephone call to tell those you may know in the stricken areas that you are concerned and are thinking of them with thoughts and prayers.

Sympathy today requires some moral responsibility. We can no longer stand by and not get involved. We have to participate. Sympathy can be the trigger that moves us forward to help those that are in need, no matter how great or how small. The moral imperative it yours to decide. Is it your turn to act? No one can answer that question except you.

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