Do you know anyone that it contented with their job? If you do, or happen to be one who is, you are one of the very few.

The art of being contented seems to be more elusive today that ever before. Many of the best business minds are saying we should "lower expectations" and be satisfied with what we have. Baloney!

Being content means having satisfaction in something, whether it is personal, business, social, or communal. The dictionary calls it "the act of appeasing".

Contentment at work is being well paid for work that is well done, carrying a sense of pride no matter how difficult the task at hand.

Contentment at home is the reassurance that you are loved and that your surroundings provide a comfort for re-energizing.

Lowering your standards may be a way to provide yourself contentment for the moment. In the long run, it will be you who will have to make that determination if the call was right at the time. Readjusting is always an option.

Shakespeare said it best "He is well paid that is well satisfied".

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