Have you ever had a surprise? Most of us have at one time or another. Sometimes they are good, like a surprise birthday party, sometimes they frighten us, and sometimes they are bad like an unexpected tax bill (see disgust).

Surprise is oftentimes expressed in only a fraction of a second. The response elicited can be spontaneous, or involuntary, or both. The key for us as human beings is to enjoy the surprises that come along with life.

It can be difficult to enjoy some surprises when we are unprepared for the potential outcome that is inclusive. But oftentimes, the ability to enjoy the spontaneity of the moment allows us to grow and experience life at a different level from the norm.

The intensity of the surprise is often associated with how much your jaw drops, but the mouth may not open at all in some cases. Tension is not normally seen around the mouth. It will be your eyes and eyebrows that are the give-away.

Surprise is an emotion that all us feel at one time or another. Take them in stride and use them to your advantage no matter how difficult they may be.

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