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What's The Executive C-Level Roundtable All About?

The Executive C-Level Roundtable is a special opportunity
for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas. It is
comprised of Executive’s of all types in various

Executive C-Level Roundtable members meet periodically
to help one another resolve critical business problems,
explore promising opportunities, share business
experiences, learn from expert speakers, and act
as a general sounding board to each other in a no
holds barred small group environment of total

Executive C-Level Roundtable meetings take place periodically each year. They are held at convenient locations conducive to fostering optimum information and idea exchange.

A one day agenda is planned for the fall meeting.

Meetings are scheduled periodically in advance.

Membership in Executive C-Level Roundtable will help you discover creative solutions, avoid missteps, and gain insight into coping with both growth and downsizing situations.

Why the Executive C-Level Roundtable?

Most’ Executive’s experience some sense of isolation at the top. Answers to critical questions are not always obvious. This void can be filled through participation in "share" or "idea exchange" groups like The Executive C-Level Roundtable.

Executive’s participating in groups like this in other industries believe the best source for quality answers, and a productive sounding board for ideas and concerns,is with other Executive’s who regularly deal with the same types of business problems and opportunities in their companies.

The opportunity to openly share experiences and expertise with a group of your peers, in whom you can trust and confide, will help you rest easier at night and sidestep the mistakes that result when you go it alone.

What's The Mission of The Executive C-Level Roundtable?

To increase your effectiveness and enhance your life as a C-Level Executive.

Who Chairs the Group Meetings?

Each Executive C-Level Roundtable is chaired by Dr. Larry A. Bauman, Ph.D., CMC. In the capacity of "Chairperson" he manages, coordinates, and facilitates all Executive C-Level Roundtable meetings and associated resource and administrative needs of the group.

This includes meeting planning arrangements, guest speaker selection, and member communications. Larry assures that the Executive C-Level Roundtable meetings run smoothly, productively, and that important issues are kept in the forefront of discussion. He also maintains regular contact with group members to help them network and exchange information pertinent to topics discussed at meetings.

This includes identifying issues for discussion during future meetings. Member input is solicited when selecting meeting sites, guest speakers,discussion topics, agenda development, potential new members, and for evaluating the effectiveness of meetings.

Who Should Attend?

The Roundtable is invitation only. Each Roundtable
is limited to 8 – 12 Executives. Suggestions for
potential new participants are solicited from prior
participants by Dr. Bauman who makes the final
decision on who is invited to join the group.

Participants must be willing to share ideas and
experiences openly and contribute to each other's
success. Participants agree to keep individual
and group discussions strictly confidential.
Direct competitors will not be invited to participate.
However, exceptions may be made subject to group
approval. Only C-Level Business Executives are invited
participate in Roundtable meetings.

What Topics and Issues Will Be Discussed?

The Executive C-Level Roundtable meeting is unique because
they address issues specific to long-term financial and
business viability. Members usually are most interested in
addressing concerns,topics, and issues of the following nature:

• Strategies to optimize innovation and businessgrowth

• Financing and equity revolve strategies

• Merger and acquisition strategies

• CEO - EXECUTIVE relationships

• Accessing international markets

• Key financial indicators, standards, and reporting systems

• Information management systems

• Human resource management issues & union relationships

• Compensation & benefit programs

• Member communications and relations

• Strategic and operational planning

• Downsizing/rightsizing

• Risk & crisis management

• Environmental issues

• Organizational structure

What's A Typical Meeting Agenda?

The meeting is held at a convenient location in the
Chicago area. Day one begins with a group dinner
followed by a day of Roundtable sessions addressing
individual member issues and concerns. Members are
asked to present a business problem, issue, or concern to
the group.

Dr. Bauman works with participants to help them focus
exactly on what it is they want to discuss with other
Roundtable members. The group then analyzes each issue,
helping to develop solutions and action plans with each
member benefiting from dialogue with other members about
their experiences, successes and failures. Members discover
individual and mutual opportunities while developing
real-world solutions to key business problems and
concerns. Other groups have described this "sharing"
or "idea exchange" format as a special chemistry - a
personal panel of peer consultants, a peer advisory group.

The group adjourns for a social hour followed by dinner
with a potential dinner speaker from the group. The
Roundtable discussion continues the next morning
with a group breakfast and concludes at noon with lunch.

Why Participate - How Will You Benefit?

The Executive C-Level Roundtable willhelp you do the following:

• Effectively deal with a sense ofisolation at the top.

• Find solutions to a wide varietyof issues and concerns thatcould undermine the successof your company.

• Exchange information with agroup of peers - whom you canconfide in, trust, and directlyaccess for ideas and expertise.

• Learn from the successes andfailures of other groupmembers.

• Identify opportunities havingthe greatest potential forsecuring your company'sprofitability and financial future.

• Focus your vision on whereyou want to lead yourcompany.

• Obtain assistance in copingwith rapid growth or the needfor downsizing.

• Determine how to apply thelatest and best thinking to yourcompany.

• Increase your effectivenessand enhance your life.

Who We Are

Since 1998, Dr. Larry A. Bauman, Ph.D., CMC, CEO
and founder Phoenix Business Consulting Inc. has
been advising CEO’s and C-Suite Executives on how
to achieve greater performance in their companies.
Consulting specialties include mediation and
facilitation, communications and team building,
Executive coaching, Executive forums, management
retreats, strategic and financial planning, corporate
performance and leadership, and Executive selection.

Dr. Bauman is a former corporate officer and former
President of the Chicagoland Institute of Management
Consultants. He is graduate of Emory University and
has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the
Executive C-Level Roundtable and how you can become
a member.

18888 N. Woodale Trail
P.O. Box 6268
Lindenhurst, IL 60046 USA
TEL: 847-265-3779
FAX: 847-265-3780
EMAIL: larry@bauman.biz
URL: www.bauman.biz

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□ November 13 – 14, 2008
□ November 20 - 21, 2008
□ January 15 - 16, 2009
□ March 12 - 13, 2009

Location: Marriott Suites O'Hare, Rosemont, IL

Meeting Investment: $995

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