Leadership on Co-opetition

The spirit of co-opetition is alive and well within many industries. Others have elected to stay stoic and insular with programs, systems and products based on a mutated form of self-protectionism. The term "co-opetition" is a term that incorporates both cooperation and competition, two diverse ideas that have in the past been fundamentally diametrically opposed. Who would have ever believed twenty years ago that strategic alliances and partnerships could be formed with competitive companies sharing same or similar products to same or similar industries?

Are there not similar dynamics that are available to us as individuals? There is an old Welsh proverb that states "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Fortunately, the numbers of enemies that we actually compete against are few these days. By looking for opportunities to communicate and find common ground, the aspect of co-opetition can work on an individual level as well as corporate level.

The market is demanding increased value at every turn. This starts with the planning effort and ends with increased shareholder value. By defining strategic areas where co-opetition can be implemented, every segment of the business supply chain can be enhanced. Determine those areas where you can make this opportunity become an effective tool for you.


I am a part of all that I have met. - Alfred Tennyson

We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results. -Herman Melville

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. -John Muir

Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

We don't accomplish anything in this world alone ... and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one's life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something. - Sandra Day O’Conner

“Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation." - William Arthur Ward

“Power consists in one's capacity to link his will with the purpose of others, to lead by reason and a gift of cooperation." - Woodrow T. Wilson


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