All of us decide how we want to approach life. Each of us have the capacity to make a difference, some even have a capacity to be great. Having it and using it are two different things. It is up to you to make that decision. It will determine just how successful you will be at selling. You are always at your very best when you are doing something good for someone else ---- your customer.Everyday provides new opportunities to become indispensable for the people with whom you work. Your upbeat attitude will tell people exactly how you are feeling. If you are having a bad day, it is best just to turnaround and go home, or find a proper attitude adjustment that will translate into positive energy for yourself. It may be a little as a cup of coffee or a conversation with a friend. It may entail a more difficult task of completing something left undone. It may require an apology, or a simple rework of a client proposal. It is a certainty that your attitude reflects your determination to get things done, for yourself and for others. Being negative will produce negative results.

Being a determined person is only half of the equation. The rest lies within the hard work and activities that you produce every day. Determination is enhanced by your dedication.

Find out how your determination will enhance your leadership qualities...